In the second installment of UNBEER  SONATA – the first study was presented in Romania, in 2011– I broke more than 250 beer bottles of different brands against the floor, creating a "sonata" from the sound of smashing glass and liquid. In this performance I appropriated the formal structure of a sonata to guide my score, while the topography of the space is constantly altered, increasing the challenge that constitute to walk in high heels over the smashed bottles.


UNBEER SONATA prompts an ironic attitude against the female stereotype and objectification of women extensively promoted by the beer industry in Brazil. Perpetuating sexist behavior, the association comparing women and beer can be seen in the majority of the advertising campaigns from the 1980’s and 1990’s (the temporal context in which I grew up). Nevertheless, it is still recurrent in contemporary TV campaigns and beer branding, even after the 2008 advertising regulatory norms by CONAR, the Advertising Normative National Council - that has designated that “advertising models should never be treated as sexual objects”.


The repetition of  the action creates a sonata of displeasure and irony dedicated to the context I address. The persistence of the action returns the symbolic violence of these TV spots, which infamously claim to celebrate the sensuality of Brazilian women.


Performance by Cristiane Bouger

Executive Production by Cândida Monte and Well Guitti/La Bamba

Light Design by Victor Sabbag

Sound Design by Jo Mistinguett

Sound Tech by Fábio Antunes / Frame 22

Graphic Design by Larissa Brandão

Photography by Alessandra Haro



2017 Guairacá Cultural, February 23rd.


This performance was made possible through the project 20MINUTOS.MOV., produced by Candida Monte with funds from Rumos Itaú Cultural.